Thank you for all the hard work from volunteers and donors. This year's sale was a huge success. Bringing people together makes our community better.


With our first-ever Giant Warehouse Summer Sale coming up in August, we thought we would share some details on how this event comes together every year.

First, this is a big event and is only possible through the hard work and support of hundreds of volunteers, donors, and community partners.  To have a great sale, it takes a lot of things to come together just right.

Location. Location. Location

Obviously, the sale needs a place to happen.  This isn’t as straightforward as it sounds because it needs a very special space to really work.  First, it needs to be pretty big.  Previous sales have been held in spaces from 5,500 ft² to 17,000 ft².  This is quite a lot of space and can be quite hard to find especially when the arena isn’t available.  We also need space that has at least one large loading door just so we can get all the product inside the sale. 

It was pretty hard to find space this year, more so than last year, but really that is actually a really good thing.  That means that businesses are starting to plan to reopen, and commercial property is starting to be in high demand again.  This is very encouraging and good news for our community.

We are so lucky that our friends at Forge and Foster are helping us again this year, just like they did last year, or we might not be able to have a sale. 

Stocking the Shelves

It wouldn’t be the Giant Warehouse Sale without all the great stuff. 

100% of all the product available at the Giant Warehouse Sale is donated.  This is the reason that we can offer such great prices and it is why so much money from the sale can go directly to funding important services in our community.

However, it also means that we don’t have a lot of control over what product we will have at the sale.  In fact, sometimes we don’t always know what we will have until the deliveries arrive.

This last year has been a busy time for local companies and they have had to work extra hard keeping up with production while also keeping their staff safe and healthy.  That has made it even more of a challenge to set aside product for this year and we are so thankful they are still able to help with donations for this year.

The is one thing we can be certain of…the only reason we have any product at all is because dozens of local companies generously donate thousands of items to us for free.

Getting it All Done

The sale wouldn’t be possible without the help of local companies who help with all the behind-the-scenes details that might be a little harder to notice.

How do we get the large skids of products set up?  A donor provides lift trucks so we can move stuff around and set up the sale.  What happens to all the boxes the product comes in?  Another donor provides dumpsters for the length of the wholesale.

Fire extinguishers, tables, shopping carts…all possible because of donors.  We even have two local companies who provide storage for our cash registers and other equipment all year, just so we can run the sale.

Rolling up Their Sleeves

Once we have space, donations have been arranged and we have all our equipment on-site…we still wouldn’t be able to do anything without all the volunteers who roll up their sleeves and put in the work to bring it all together.

There is a whole team of volunteers who spend weeks before the sale opens and unpacking all the donations, setting up the aisle and displays, and then pricing everything.

During the sale, we have a whole other team of volunteers who help by ringing through purchases, sanitizing the carts and welcoming our shoppers.

Even when it seems like the sale is over, there is still one last group of volunteers who come in and clean up, put everything away, and return all the equipment for another year.

19 Years and Counting…

We hope you enjoyed hearing a little more about how the sale comes together.  Each year we try to put on the best sale possible and want people to have as much fun coming to the sale as we have putting it on. 

This will be our 19th Giant Warehouse Sale and we are very proud that we were able to keep this tradition going during the pandemic. 

If you have any questions, we will happily do our best to try and answer them.  Just send us an email at

Have fun shopping and thank you for your support.