Brant United Way currently provides over $1 million in grants each year to local charities and charities with a local presence. This funding is made possible because of the generous donations from thousands of members of our community during our annual campaign.

To have the greatest impact in our community, and to be the best stewards of the financial gifts from our donors, Brant United Way needs to understand the area of greatest need in our community and we need to know where our investment will have the greatest results.

Brant United Way plays such an important role in our community. It is key that we continue to have access to the best information possible to make our funding decisions.

We need to be local experts.

With that goal in mind, we are pleased to announce our new Community Impact Committee.

This new committee will be comrprised of key community partners including donors, community experts and leaders from local charities.   Together they will work to identify and assess the areas of need in the community, and make recommendations on how Brant United Way can direct the funding so that it will have the greatest impact.

This is a signficant undertaking and we will take the time needed to do this right. We will spend the better part of two years to learn as much as we can and develop the tools we need to support this new direction.

Throughout that time, we remain committed to sharing updates and information with our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will be reaching out to people in our community who will be able to give us the help we need to make this possible. We will be including our donors, community experts and leaders from local charities (including those funded by Brant United Way and those not funded) to provide insight and feedback during the process. We will also be reaching out to members of the community and service recipients to hear directly from them.
There will be no change to any existing funding agreements that will remain in place until March 31, 2021. We will also work with them to help them be fully prepared for the next round of funding applications in September of 2020.
We will continue to hold our annual campaigns and provide funds to local charities over the next two (2) years. This won’t change how Brant United Way supports the community, it will instead focus our efforts to ensure your financial support has the greatest impact possible. We ask that our donors continue to support our annual campaign and we hope they understand we think this is an important way to show how much we value and appreciate their gifts.
We will share regular updates on our website and communicate directly with our donors, local charities and the community as significant milestones are met.
We will be inviting donors and representatives from local charities, both our member agencies and charities we don’t currently fund, to participate in the planning groups we are forming. We will also host community consultations and town hall meetings to hear directly from other interested parties. We are also willing to meet with individuals who would like to discuss this process directly with a member of our staff team.
We think the process may take as long as two (2) years. Our goal is to be ready in time for the next round of funding applications in September of 2020