Together, we can make Things Better

With each gift, we are able to make things better for someone in our community.  This includes helping someone further their education, providing a family with access to healthy and nutritious meals, or helping an isolated teen build meaningful friendships.


The donations received during our annual campaign provide funding for a range of programs and services that help nearly 30,000 people in our community each year.


When we come together we aren't simply helping the community, we are building a better one.  


Giving Levels

All donations have an impact in our community and are appreciated.  However, we thought it may be helpful to share some of the more common donation levels:



Every Day Hero


Leadership Level

One Time Gift

$365 annual gift ($1 per day)

$520 annual gift

$1,200 annual gift

Recurring Donation

$30.40 per month

$43.33 per month

$100 per month