About Us



To improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action.

Our Vision

Improving lives to strengthen our community.


Together…more than any other word, that is the one that best captures the strength of Brant United Way. When we combine our efforts, energy and financial gifts, we can have a much larger impact than any of us could have alone.

Thousands of people have come together to form a network of giving that has made a stronger, safer community where we all have opportunities to grow, play and belong.

Donations to Brant United Way are used to support a wide range of services across 18 local charities. Last year alone, over 25,000 people benefited from services supported by Brant United Way.

When we come together we aren’t simply helping the community, we become the community.  Thank you for caring. Thank you for giving.

How We Work



Steve Portelli (Chair) - Waterous Holden Amey Hitchon LLP

Jill Halyk (Vice-Chair) - Workplace Planning Board of Grand Erie

Nick Nemes (Treasurer) - BDO Dunwoody

Darlene D'Souza - SC Johnston & Son

Jonathan McKayRBC Royal Bank

Susan Mendoza - RBC Royal Bank

Arliss Skye - Six Nations Social Services

Bob Sproul (Campaign Cabinet Chair) - City of Brantford

Adam Walker - Grand Erie District School Board

Roxanne Bond - Donor Engagement Representative Ext. 218

Heather Masters - Manager, Giving & Stewardship Programs Ext. 212

Beth Noble - Donor Engagement Representative Ext. 215

Dan Rankin - Executive Director Ext. 217

Brooke Sefton - Marketing & Special Events Ext. 214

Cheryl Wiacek - Donor Engagement Representative Ext. 216

Johnathan Wissink - Database & Administration Coordinator Ext. 210

Bob Sproul (Chair)

Stephanie Buckland

Larry Brock

Gisele Budgell

Kelly Donovan

Amber Dubois

Mandy English

Scott Gibson

Monique Goold

Sharon Johnston

Ron Birkett (Vice-Chair)

Bob Latta

Maurice Lesperance

Christine Misiak

Rob Nagy

Chandra Portelli

Lori Santilli

Karen Towler

Johnathon Wu



100% Local.  Community Focused.  Volunteer Driven.